logistical recovery systems

About Us

Logistical Recovery Systems, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, is among the most trusted and effective debt recovery and receivables consulting firms in the marketplace.

With a focus on the supply chain and logistics, our company offers debt recovery services for collection of nearly all types of debt including, but not limited to:

  • Freight invoices for air, sea and land carriers
  • Per diem charges
  • Freight brokerage charges
  • Detention and demurrage charges
  • Warehousing charges

Our team is comprised of trained and experienced transportation professionals whose goal is to provide the most efficient and cost effective means of recovery for our domestic and international clients. Additionally, we have in-house legal counsel whose job is not only to help our clients understand some of the legal intricacies of their cases, but also to help maximize recovery of your receivables.

For details, please contact us directly or through this site or simply give us a call. Our satisfied client base is a full representation of the transportation arena. We have been servicing them for 20 years and look forward to serving you as well.